29 May 2008
Gnome Guitar 0.8 Released!

Finally a new release :) The main features are a new chord and scale renderer using Cairo, which is much much faster than the old gnomeCanvas based one; support for left and right handed chords; the ability to orientate the chords either horizontally or vertically; better layout of multiple chord selections; and a massively improved UI.

I've uploaded some new screenshots so check them out. Then go and download it!

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17 Apr 2008
Gnome Guitar ported to C#

It's been a very long time coming (5 and a half years!), but a new release of Gnome-Guitar is just around the corner. When the new version is ready to release I'll list all the new features then (and update the Web Page a bit more thoroughly). In the mean time developers might be interested to know that Gnome-Guitar has been ported from C to C# and has been written using monodevelop. The current development version can be checked out (including the monodevelop project file) via our sourceforge Subversion repository. Info about doing so can be found here.

01 Oct 2002
0.7.0 Released (and new screen shots)

It's been a long time coming but it's packed with loads of new features! :)
The screen shots have also been updated to version 0.7.0 :)

The highlights:

Due to gconf needing default preferences YOU MUST RUN 'make install' before gnome-chord will work.

You may have noticed that we haven't had any debs or rpms for the last release yet. This is due to changes in the structure Gnome-Guitar making it a lot harder for our packager to do his job :( This is now top priority to fix so hopefully we will have debs and rpms shortly.

06 June 2002
0.6.0 Released

The main feature of this release is the port to Gnome2! :)

Nb all the programs have been post-fixed with a 2. So it should be possible to have the gnome2 version installed side by side with the gnome1 version.

Also in this release:

Debs and Rpms will follow shortly.

08 May 2002
0.5.2 Released

This is another bug fix release which makes the bonobo component much more usable.

Debs and Rpms will follow shortly.

26 April 2002
0.5.1 Released

This is a bug fix release which makes the bonobo component much more usable.

Debs and Rpms will follow shortly.

05 April 2002
Debs, Rpms, Roadmap, Bugzilla, Gnome2, and GTabulator

Thanks to Sameer for providing us with Debs and Rpms. These can be downloaded from the Sourceforge download page.

I've added a Road Map to the webpage this shows what great things are planed for gchord and when you can expect them :)

I've just got bugzilla working on our sourceforge page so if you do find any bugs of have feature requests pleace add them to bugzilla.

Just to let you know the Gnome2 version of gchord is well on it's way. But don't worry if your not ready to take the plunge just yet the gnome1 version will be kept around for a while. Though new version will only have bug fixes not new features.

And finally I have in my possession a version of GTabulator with GChord support :) Expect a release real soon :)

12 March 2002
Release 0.5.0 of GChord

This release provides bonobo support and fixes a major bug.

Bonobo allows gchord to be used in other applications to provide chord rendering and selection. There are currently two apps that are working on incorporating gchord; gtab, and silverstring.

Currently gchord's bonobo interface has the following features:

You now need bonobo to compile gchord!!! This means the dev packages too!!!

Also in this release is a fix to the crash when using gscale or filtering by key in gchord on Athlon and possibly other CPUs.

21 Feb 2002
Release 0.4.1 of GChord

A serious bug was found in GChord 0.4 as I was packaging it. As a result 0.4 was never released. 0.4.1 fixes these problems. Summary of changes:

15 Feb 2002
Release 0.4.0 of GChord

This release of GChord has focused mainly on fixing memory handling. This has resulted in completely rewritten (again) internals. But it should now be easy to keep gchord free of memory leaks and the like :). Summary of changes:

01 Dec 2001 Release of 0.3.0
08 Oct 2001 Release of 0.2.1
08 Oct 2001 Release of 0.2.0
25 Jul 2001 Mailing list created
24 Jul 2001 Release of 0.1.1
24 Jul 2001 FAQ started (currently obsolete)
21 Jul 2001 Release of 0.1.0
20 Jul 2001 The app is almost ready for it's initial release.
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GChord is chord and scale database for gnome. It is released under the GPL which in short means that you can use and distribute it for free. It can be used as a stand alone application (for example you could use it to find how to play a specific chord or scale) or it can integrate with other applications to provide chord selection and rendering.

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Road Map

This was the Road Map for gchord development. I need to figure out a new plan!

post 1.0 i18n and adding chords for other instruments to the db

I expect each release to take between 2 weeks and a month

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GChord is provided as source code. It should compile on most platforms out there. Currently it requires Mono and the Gtk# libraries.

Anyone who wants to provide binaries should contact me via the mailing list.

Download from SourceForge.

Developers can download Gnome-Guitar from SVN. Note that this is the development version of Gnome-Guitar it may not even compile! Normal users should not use this, use the link above.

The module name is "gnome-guitar_cs"

For instructions click here

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These are screen shots from Gnome-Guitar 0.8.0

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Mailing Lists

GChord has one general purpose mailing list. This is the correct place to:

Follow this link to subscribe and to look at the archives.

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